Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Nokia 808 PureView Symbian Mobile Last

In 2013, Nokia announced, if they would end the Symbian operating system, and Nokia 808 PureView is the last Symbian phone. Mobile, which was launched last year, which showcased the ability of a device 'imaging' Nokia and comes to the market in the year 2012.

Nokia 808 PureView price smartphone shocking the world last year. Because it comes with the Symbian operating system, this phone is supported with a camera capable of taking pictures with detail. The phone is equipped with a 41MP camera that did not previously exist on other smartphones.

Nokia took the decision to focus on Windows Phone especially Windows 8. Previous news has emerged about the rise of Windows Phone with PureView actually called the Nokia EOS. End of Symbian is becoming a good end, because leaving a legacy that got a lot of compliments ability "imaging" has.

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